Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ramune 彈珠汽水 Marble Soda

Ramune 彈珠汽水 (Marble Soda)

What is Ramune?

Ramune (ラムネ?) is a carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan.

大埔內彈珠汽水觀光工廠 (Marble Soda Factory Tour in Taiwan)

From the "Welcome to Tourism Factory of Taiwan" website.

The predecessor of Ramune Co., Ltd. was the Wanli Food factory, established in 1966. In 1985, the founder, Mr. Lin Zhong Yi foresaw the rise in the development of domestic industry and went to Japan to obtain the automated production technology of marble soda, and introduced the "Old styled marble soda" into automated production, which caused a stir in the market, with sales topping all glass bottled beverages. Under such great demand, the factory was urgently expanded to Miaoli, and was marked under the name of "Ramune".
Factory ToursSince commencing automated production in 1986, Ramune Co., Ltd. was committed to the research and development of 50 patents; the products have also evolved from traditional, old styled glass bottle into new glass bottles and the latest PET bottles.
Ramune Co., Ltd. is not only a leader in terms of the quality and quantity of marble soda, but is also committed to exporting the products and the factory technologies. We are the most characteristic, professional beverage drink in Taiwan.

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