Monday, March 19, 2012

Chinese Translator - iTranslate for iPhone / iTranslate for iPad

Chinese Translator - iTranslate for iPhone/iPad

iTranslate 5.0 ~ the first real Universal Translator

The largest translator app in the world with over 12 mio users teamed up with Nuance to bring you the worlds most advanced voice recognition technology. The result is an unbelievable app that for the first time in human history fullfills the dream of a real Universal Translator. - By Sonico GmbH

Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 3.0 or higher

For more information, visit the Sonico Gmbh website:

You can get it free here: Get free iTranslate for iPhone 

iTranslate for iPad
Over 7 million users have downloaded iTranslate for iPhone and made it the most popular translator on the App Store. Now iTranslate is finally available for the iPad and it is the best version of iTranslate ever. - By Sonico GmbH

Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or higher Share

For more information, visit the Sonico Gmbh website:

You canget it free here: Get free iTranslate for iPad 

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