Friday, October 9, 2009

Mandarin Flashcards with Sound - Color 顏色 yan2 se4

Mandarin Flashcards are a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn Mandarin. Usually, you can find Mandarin flashcards in printable form by
searching the Internet. For a Mandarin native speaker, it is very

However, how about for other non-Mandarin speakers who would like to
learn Mandarin? or what if you want your kids read it by themselves?
Having these questions in my mind, I started creating my own mandarin
materials for my kids using currently technology.

First, I created a Powerpoint presentation,later, I converted it into
a PDF file. I used Adobe Acrobat Professional to create buttons and to embed audio files.

In order to view this material, you need to have Acrobat Reader
installed on your computer. Feel free to download this material to
your computer and play it anytime. You can download free version of
Acrobat reader from Adobe's web site at

Here are Mandarin Flashcards with Sound - Color 顏色 yan2 se4:

Mandarin Flashcards with sound - Color 顏色 yan2 se4

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