Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chinese Children's Rhymes - Big head 大頭 da4 tou2

This is one of the most popular Chinese Children rhymes in my country.
Almost all kids know how to say it. Since my older son was
born, I always read this rhyme to him during his storytime. Now, he is
older. He can say it by himself. He recorded this rhyme for
this post! I am so proud of him!

Chinese Children Rhymes - Big head 大頭 da4 tou2

大頭 (Big Head)
da4 tou2

da4 tou2 da4 tou2

xia4 yu3 bu4 chou2

ni3 you3 yu3 san3

wo3 you3 da4 tou2

English Translation

Big head, big head
When it rains there is nothing to dread
You have an umbrella
I have a big head

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